traditional japanese colors in japan kimono colors

Guide to Japanese colors. -- Japan, colors as a social status, kimono color according to the month, traditional color names, Japanese lesson

Traditional Japanese house interior. It's so open and in harmony with the nature.

love architecture and japan or are you just curious what a traditional japanese home is like versus just the manga? Check out these featured areas of a japanese home to see what real and what's not.

Hydrangea Road in Miyazaki, Japan ~ Amazing Nature

Hydrangea road in Miyazaki, Japan. This is a real place? A road filled with my favorite flowers?

wabi-sabi art

Behind the scenes for the July edition of Cotswold Style Magazine. A friend introduced us to Wabi sabi, it celebrates the imperfections in beauty.

Zuisen-ji Temple, Kamakura, Japan

Zuisen-ji Temple, Kamakura, Japan--if you love gardens this a bit of heaven just a short train ride from Tokyo

Copper Lanterns at Kyozo Sutra Archive at Kaikozan Hase-dera Temple, Japan

Honshu in winter is amazingly stunning. Copper Lanterns at Kyozo Sutra Archive at Kaikozan Hase-dera Temple, Kaikozan Hase-dera Temple, Kamakura, Honshu, Japan.

Maiko Kimihiro

They are traditionally entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.

Nikko, Japan


Maiko. Kyoto. Japan.

geisha-kai: “October junior maiko Ayaha of Pontocho applying the red lipstick (SOURCE) ”

Kato Teruhide - Kinkaku-Ji Sekkey (Kinkaku-Ji in snow) Kyoto

Artist Kato Teruhide ) Japanese Woodblock Print Name Kinkaku-Ji Sekkey (Snow of the Kinkaku-Ji)