Stuyvesant Square, New York City (by Vivienne Gucwa on Flickr)

Stuyvesant Square, located between Street and Street and Rutherford Place and Nathan D. Perlman Place, in Lower Midtown, NYC


View of Central Park South, my first address in NYC, seen from Central Park, New York City

grand central station, nyc

Literally the view from the entrance to my office building - grand central station, nyc

Days are finally a bit longer in New York by @imxplorer #newyorkcityfeelings #nyc #newyork

What to do in the city that never sleeps if you find yourself alone and free for the day? Well our fair city offers us numerous activities. I have never once felt alone in New York. My favorite time to be free in New York is definitely during the …

Lady Liberty / New York state of mind / Favorite Places

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liberty enlightening the world

liberty enlightening the world

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NYC tips and etiquette

Artist Nathan Pyle’s gif guide to NYC street etiquette is handy for any city.

NYC tips and etiquette

The book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, which came out yesterday, made…