Sliver of Teepee Canyon agate ~ Captain Tenneal - nice colors


I love opals! They have such a dream-like quality when not overpowered by excessive gold settings. They remind me of where the sea laps the shore, and of the refracted light as the waves break onto the sand.

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Amethyst Phantom

Amethyst Phantom These are some of the most beautiful stones. Check out my…

Blue and violet Gems

Gemme viola e blu

Pink Topaz

Topaz from Ghundao hill, Katlang, Mardan District, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Lapis Lazuli has been revered for its celestial qualities since Babylonian times. Flecked with heavenly golden pyrite, its deep blue tones were associated with the planet Mercury and it was later ground to make the pigment ultramarine used in frescoes and oil paintings of the Renaissance. Reflective of the night sky, Lapis Lazuli is a gift from the gods that we use to honour and channel the wonders of the universe.

Lapis Lazuli: a powerful stress relieving stone that also unleashes inner spiritual energy, enhances psychic abilities, dream work, astral projection and facilitates the manifestation of deep personal truths and spiritual power.

Papagoite and Ajoite included in Quartz Messina Mine, South Africa.

Papagoite & Ajoite included in Quartz - Messina Mine, Limpopo, Transvaal, South Africa


A superb Neptunite thumbnail featuring a group of highly…


vintage rocks and minerals plate

VODKA AND VOGUE                                                                                                                                                                                 More

turquoise and cobalt blue gem stone

Hackmanite on matrix from Pakistan.

Hackmanite, a violet or pink variety of sodalite, on matrix from Pakistan.


Forms when lightning strikes . × by image Ultramarine Shattuckite from Namibia


Natural Amethyst - An interesting natural color zoning that resembles hour-glass. Amethyst crystals often sport distinct color zoning which poses a challenge to the gem cutter.

Entertain with natural elegance

Teal Agate Coasters

I bought these and had them framed in shadow boxes with teal mat.

pink fluorite

Fluorite (Calcium fluorite) crystals glow under ultraviolet light. Found in every share of purple you can imagine.