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an abstract painting with green and grey squares
Josef Albers on How to Be an Artist | Artsy
Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, 1963. Francis Frost.
an image of a square with different colors in the middle and bottom half, on a white background
Color mixture in digital paper, from Josef Albers Interaction of Color App
two different colored squares are shown in the same color scheme, one is pink and blue
Blog - Modernica | Made in California
Josef Albers's Interaction of Color - Modernica Blog
an abstract painting with grey, yellow and black squares in the center on a white background
Josef Albers - Artists
Joseph Albers
a blue square is in the middle of a green rectangle on a white wall
D's Directed Study History of Design
josef albers color squares - Google Search
a blue square is in the middle of a green square with black squares on it
Hobbies for College Students: Art, Sports, Cooking, and Other Ideas
Cave to Canvas, Homage to the Square: Ritardando - Josef Albers,...