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MOTHER OF...ODIN?!? O_O ~ It's called being a gentleman, the boys of america replaced it with 'swag'. Aka, we want to be cool without having to have manners. Thankfully, the British have never taken up swag, and have stuck to being gentlemen.<<-this and this gif are so beautiful. Although I have to say that both genders have to help each other out: men have to strive to be gentlemen, and we must take on the responsibility of being ladies, and nothing less.

(gif) Oh my goodness, words cannot describe the adorableness of this! Tom, you are a star human being!<<< another reason why Tom Hiddleston is a real life disney prince!

Hiddles Gives The Best Hugs. Lots And Lots Of Hugs, To Everyone! | This Post Will Destroy Your Life - Tom Hiddleston

Tom looks like he gives really sincere and amazing hugs. I want a Hiddleston Hug. Not everyone gives amazing hugs, but people who do are definitely memorable to me.

Tom Hiddleston: bustin' a gut.

He looks like he is laughing at a dirty joke that he actually understood for once but he feels guilty for enjoying it!