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a poster with the words roma scott's written in black and yellow on it
Tom - Grand Matter
a poster with an image of a musical instrument
ohlalaa : bienvenue chez arnus
ohlalaa : bienvenue chez arnus
a watercolor and ink drawing of a drum set
an ink drawing of two people playing drums
a drawing of a man playing the piano with music notes in his hand and writing
Andres Chaparro
an advertisement for the french musical company viere in pace, with a man playing a trumpet
To Live in Peace (1947)
an old magazine cover with a man playing the trumpet and another man holding a microphone
Jazz with trumpet
two pieces of art that are on the side of a book cover, one with an image of a piano and the other with words jazz at the same time
Jazz at the Philharmonic, Vol 15. Label: Clef MGC Vol. 15 (1954) Design David Stone Martin.
an image of two people in red and green with the words, hey and getz
an old poster with a man holding a guitar in front of a red and yellow background
The 100 Greatest Jazz Album Covers
Lionel hampton
an old album cover with various cartoon characters