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An overview of the Greek gods of myth, the main players, from Apollo to Zeus, what they do, and how they all fit together. I've always found Greek/Roman mythology interesting.

ROMAN SHIELDS                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Roman shields: Scutum - Parma - Cetratus They might be able to carry different shields for each soldier and provide names of shields in the end for extra information

Pictures of Roman men's clothing ~ Peter Connolly

Men's clothing of the Principate (early Imperial) period of Roman history. Late first century BC to early second Century AD.

Today's infographic is a crash course in Egyptian history. After reading about Nun, the source of all Egyptian gods, I immediately noticed how little I know about this ancient religion.

Egyptian God Family Tree Trying to keep up with the lineage of most gods and goddesses in ancient mythologies is quiet a task. However, in today's infographic, Korwin Briggs at Veritable Hokum doe.

[infographic] Ancient Rome: A City of Firsts   Click here for the graphic:

I love the study of Ancient Roman architecture, art, history and the incredible society they built. The Romans used a sauce from dead fish guts to season their food. It is akin to today's Worcester sauce. Who knew?

The Roman EmperorThe roll of Emperors spans more than 500 years...

last-of-the-romans: “The Roman EmperorThe roll of Emperors spans more than 500 years of Roman History. All of those listed below bore the title; ten of the most famous are pictured above.