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three llamas are standing in the grass with one looking at the camera while another looks on
Learn How to Homestead Your Own Alpacas
an alpaca standing in the snow with its front legs spread out and eyes wide open
HUACAYA CRIA. Alpaca Sunrise Farm is a full-service Alpaca farm since 1998 • Alpaca sales • breeding • boarding • Alpaca raw fiber, yarn, roving sales for knitters, crocheters, weavers and fiber artists. #alpaca #alpacas
three llamas standing in the middle of an open field with grass and dirt
Our Story
A couple of alpacas! Can you believe that these two girls are the same age!? The only difference is one is sheared and one isn't!
an alpaca is standing in the grass with its eyes closed
a llama standing in the snow with its eyes closed
an alpaca standing in the grass next to a tree with yellow flowers on it
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Now that’s some alpaca fur
an alpaca looking at the camera with other animals in the background
two alpacas standing next to each other in the grass near a fence and house
Yavru Alpaka
three llamas with their heads covered in fur
alpaca boy band
two white llamas standing in the grass
Alpacas. Are these guys friendly because I will chase one down to hug if I ever saw one.