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there are not only books on this page
They r my life! My past my present and my future!!
the twilight saga movie poster with many different characters and their name in each one's pictures
shield, brilliant, spark, wise, creator, brave, tris prior, hermione granger, katniss everdeen, bella swan, hermione grance, annabeth chase, percy jackson, harry potter, divergent, twilight
an image of the symbols in harry potter's hogwarts tattoo design on a white background
The Mortal Instruments The Hunger Games Divergent Harry Potter Percy Jackson Teen Wolf The Maze Runners The Fault in Our Stars
an image of some movies on the screen with text that reads, i'm not going
Fandoms strike again!
It might be a fantasy but it taught me to love so it's real to me.
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts, the maze runner, the riverbeddingmillon
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Fandom Worlds ~ Harry Potter (Hogwarts), Percy Jackson (Camp Half-Blood), Hunger Games (Panem/ The Arena), The Maze Runner (WICKED/ the maze), Divergent (Inside the fence), The Mortal Instruments (The Institute)