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two children are playing in a wooden structure
Children’s Playhouse ‘Sam + Pam’ / Office Of Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers Inc.
two children playing in the sand next to a wooden structure
Elysium Playground / Cox Rayner Architects
Elysium Playground | Cox Rayner Architects
an instagramted photo of a child's play area in the back yard
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Different play structure.
children playing on wooden structures in an outdoor play area
Jubilee Gardens Playground
Jubilee Gardens Playground, London. From the UK Playground Adventure blog. Just one part of a massive wood and net climbing structure - note that a sign at the playground says: "for 11 years and under - no big kids!". Myself I find that disappointing - I think playgrounds should encourage mixed age play whenever possible, and this structure would be of interest to older children too.
An Environmentally Sound Modern Playhouse Hgtv Garden, Modern Landscape Design, Play Structure, Diy Network, Backyard Play
An Environmentally Sound Modern Playhouse
this is an outdoor play area with chalkboards on the walls and in the ground
chalkboard playhouse / playground