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a stack of folded papers sitting on top of each other in pink and black ink
four hands reaching towards each other with red pom - poms
a drawing of a person standing with their arms crossed and looking up at the sky
an illustration of a red cone on a white background
Disney Characters, Disney, Donald, Donald Duck
a drawing of a hand reaching out to touch someone's face with their hands
the words male, female and non - binary written on a whiteboard with red marker
a drawing of a person with his hand out to the side, wearing a face mask
an illustration of a cell phone with a pink cover on the front and bottom, floating in the air
a drawing of a person bending over to pick up something from the ground with his hands
a drawing of a dog with a pink bandana on it's back and the words guide dog written in black
a pink question mark in the middle of a white background
a drawing of a person standing next to a microphone and looking at something on the ground