Bot animation 2

Chat Bot - Smart home configurator

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Log In My Diet App

Use case (People want to set their diet app preference) Real world relation: (to make intuitive) Weighing Scale Height ruler Login Concept: The body builder lifting the login box/ Signup box Abo.

Card based Interaction

Hey, Its been a while since I posted last. Now planning to keep the dribbble game stronger by starting of with an ongoing side project of mine. You might be well aware that side projects gives you.

Your health tracking

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Travel Cards

“UI Interactions of the week is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

My car parking

UI/UX Case study: My Car parking – Muzli -Design Inspiration

Reach Navigation Search Innovative Mobile Navigations

10 Innovative Navigation Examples in Mobile App Design

Scene Club Booking.

Hey, Here's another interaction piece from the project i had a blast working on. It's a mobile application for annual Cinema Festival Club. Application and its iterations aid in the promotion of.

Calendar Animation

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Exhausted Menu Listing

The Best of Material Design in July 2017 – Design, Code and Prototyping