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the concept art for an animated creature is shown in this image, and it appears to be demon like
two deer standing in the snow at night
Jakub Rozalski
new painting/sketch for my 1920+ project, this time in my favorite winter atmosphere :)
a group of deer walking across a snow covered field
Jakub Rozalski
howling at the moon
a painting of a white bear in the middle of a snowy forest with trees and snow covered ground
White Wolfee by RonniePriceII on DeviantArt
two white wolfs in the snow at night with trees and moon behind them,
A R T E - 70 imagens de lobisomens (Images of werewolf)
"Lobisomem ou licantropo (do grego λυκάνθρωπος: λύκος, lykos , "lobo" e άνθρωπος, anthrōpos , "homem"), é um ser lendário, com origem em t...
a demonic looking creature with red eyes and sharp teeth
a creepy creature standing next to a pillar
Werewolf, Antonio J. Manzanedo
ArtStation - Werewolf, Antonio J. Manzanedo
an instagram page with a photo of a wolf on it's back and the words instagram below
a bigfoot standing on its hind legs in the woods with it's mouth open
Talulla Rising by Glen Duncan – review
"The Beast of Bray Road is a creature that many people claim to have seen in Racine, Walworth and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin. The first reported sightings of the creature happened on Bray Road near Elkhorn, Wisconsin. These sightings are what lent the beast its name. However, sightings do not only occur on Bray Rd. In fact, the beast has not been sighted there since the early 1990s."