Viac nápadov od Tomas

Full sleeve by josephblacktattoos on DeviantArt

Illustration style pottrait sleeve tattoo - Here is a beautiful illustration of a modern beauty.

Watercolor style sleeve tattoo. It looks simple, easy but at the same time it is very tricky and hard to do. The beauty of this tattoo design is that it makes use of the skin and tries to show the true skin color with the design rather than using ink for it.

35 Day of the Dead Tattoos

Face & Glowing Flowers Leg Sleeve | Best tattoo design ideas

Viking sleeve I really love this I wish Travis would get it

sleeve of awesome!!! | buena vista tattoo club This is my perfect idea of a sleeve!! I want mine to look like this but all music pics, quotes, lyrics... But the basic design and colors?? Ahhh!!!!

medusa tattoo sleeve - Google Search

KLAIM, Street Tattoo | Franconville France