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Michaela Tomkovičová

Michaela Tomkovičová
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how to grow super long hair

How to Grow Super Long Hair You’ll Need: 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp honey one egg Directions: In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients, making sure to beat the egg well before. Apply entire mixture to hair, starting from roots to end

If you’re keeping rats you often need to find out quickly whether you can give them a snack, maybe something from your own meal, or you want to know whether it’s worth buying in something you think they might enjoy. … Continue reading →

Spiffy Pet Care Tips. Can my rats eat grapes? Plus 25 other foods classified!

Cozy reading spot

A warm cozy bed or spot at home fills me with peace, especially if it's raining outside. It's like your own little paradise where you can relax and feel at ease.