I really hope this is formal enough...And no way am I wearing heels. Flats will do nicely.-Gwen

This cute little black dress has an unexpected asymmetrical twist! The Origami Infatuation Black Cocktail Dress is a Little Black Dress, Black Cocktail Dress, Black Strapless Dress, Black Origami Dress.

"coffee and book" fall outfit kind of days. really love the bag. This is totally a Ruth outfit!

Hobbs Invitation Roasline Jacket, English Rose

This romantic shade of English rose pink is perfect for adding an elegant touch to your summer occasion outfit.

Slouchy mustard yellow sweater from Gap via ExtraPetite. I love the bright lemon with the creamy pearls!

Audrey Hepburn in 1992; she only got lovelier the older she became!


Audrey Hepburn in she only got lovelier the older she became! Such class,,, gorgeous inside shined outside.