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#Densi Moments i love densi touche

// Did you know that Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) is Daniela Ruahs (Kensi) brother in law?

NCIS LA Quotes - Callen and Sam - 19 Reasons Why Sam And Callen Are The Best Partners: NCIS Los Angeles - NCIS: Los Angeles -

Quotes of Callen and Sam from 19 Reasons Why Sam And Callen Are The Best Partners

Deeks: Keep talking don’t stop get angry, act like we're breaking up, go!  Kensi: Are you for real? -walks away-  Deeks: Aww come on! Sunshine, wait Kensi: Stay away from me. It’s over. I can’t do this anymore. Deeks: Listen, I’m sorry. I know it’s tough when I’m on the road all the time, touring with the band. Kensi: I don’t care about that. You cheated on me with my brother!

perfect partners and always good for a laugh!: Funny scene from NCIS:Los Angeles