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the poster for peppermints and postcards shows two people standing next to each other
a poster for christmas getaway with a man and woman in a red mitt
Christmas in July. That is what what Hallmark is calling it. Now, I have seen most of them, but I am taping the ones I haven't seen. CHRISTMAS GETAWAY This film was good, not in my top 10 by any means. Travis Van Winkle plays the male lead. He came off as cold. And even late in the show when he talking to his mother about the chemistry between them, I couldn't see it. Travis is very handsome, but I don't know if his character was cold, or he couldn't act. But, with Hallmark Formula,
a movie poster with two people laying in the snow and one person wearing a santa hat
christmas inheritance poster
a man and woman standing in front of a christmas poster with cakes on the table
A Dash Of Christmas
a stuffed animal that is laying down
a close up of a stuffed animal in front of a space background
a poster with an image of a monkey holding bread