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Praying Skull by thinkd on deviantART

This time we are taking a look at No Love City's 'Praying Skull' shirt design. The design itself was created by an artist named Thinkd from Bangkok.

Cartoon shark at the beach holding a surfboard.

I illustrated this t-shirt illustration of a surfing cartoon shark for a children’s line of beach themed clothing. The shirt uses special inks that only appear in the sunlight - so when indoors, the shirt appears as just the lineart.


This is a cool vector illustration of an owl. I like the complexity of the owl and also that it is perfectly symmetrical. I think that the complex pattern really works well for the piece. The color scheme is also really nice.

Illustrator: Hydro74

The fragmented vector shapes allow for the viewer to translate them into individual finite forms such as fur. The geometric background stabilizes the composition while allowing for maximum visual movement int the illustration.