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From seedlings to pruning to everything in between, it’s time to get your green thumbs in shape with help from our gardening experts.
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16 Innovative Things to Do with Sage Flowers - Garden and Happy
16 Innovative Things to Do with Sage Flowers
a red watering can with gloves on it and the words what's my planting zone?
Find your USDA hardiness zone
Knowing what to plant, when to plant it, as well as when to harvest, expect frosts, and more can all be easier by knowing your hardiness zone. Find your zone through the USDA interactive map.
Top 5 Gardening Tools
Getting started in the garden? We think these five essential tools make gardening the best work. What are your go-to tools?
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How to plan and start a perennial flower garden
Perennial gardens return to enjoy year after year, making them a low-maintenance, high return-on investment option. Click the link to leadn how to plan a perennial garden.
When should I plant spring root vegetables?
Some root vegetables can withstand a frost, some can’t, and some thrive in the cold. Click the link to learn more on planting spring root veggies.
How to Start a Micro Garden
Micro-gardens are an ideal way to grow herbs and small vegetable plants without devoting a lot of space. Read on for simple step-by-step instructions to start your own micro-garden.
a person holding dirt in their hands with the words how do i amened my soil?
Soil amendment tips for spring
pH balance, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassum - these are several elements by which you can evaluate the fertility of your soil. We'll walk you through the basics of evaluating your soil's fertility and texture to make it just right for growing.
some plants that are in the grass with text overlay saying, how to grow and care for companion companion plants
Companion plants
Grow a better garden based on science-based companion planting
flowers and gardening tools with the title how to collect flower seeds for next year's garden
All About Seed Collecting
Seed Saving is a fun, easy and frugal gardening task. Learn how to collect flower seeds and how to Save Seeds. Includes a Free Printable Seed Packet and a Printable Seed Inventory Sheet, plus a list of the easiest annual and perennial flower seeds to save. #seedsaving #howtosaveseeds
a green plant with the words repel insects by growing citronella on it
Does Citronella Plant Really Repel Mosquitoes?
Do citronella plants really repel mosquitoes better than other plants and even DEET? In this article we discuss the effectiveness of citronella plants in repelling mosquitoes and whether it's better than DEET. Learn more as we also discuss the alternatives to citronella. #RepelMosquitoes #Citronella #BugSpray #DEET #UrbanOrganicYield
a squirrel in the grass with text overlay reading how to get rid of squirrels for good
Actionable Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden
Get rid of squirrels by trying some of these home made repellants. Some garden plants can even keep away these pests! Click on the pin to learn how to get rid of squirrels. #squirrels #squirrelrepellant #squirrelrepellantgarden #squirrelrepellantnatural
several pictures of different plants and animals in the garden with text overlay that reads, soiling common garden problems
Solving common garden problems, from pests to weeds | The Impatient Gardener
Every yard and garden has its problems. We’re spending more time at home, and noticing all the little things that aren’t quite right. Not every problem is solvable, but many can be improved, and that’s what I tried to help my friend Eric from the amazing YouTube channel and podcast Gardenfork with recently. I think there’s a good chance a lot of you might deal with these same issues. #ad #impatientgardener #gardenpests #gardenproblems #deerpromblems #garlicmustardweed
Have you ever battled a terrible weed and wondered whether it was even worth the effort? I'm here to tell you it is. I'm declaring victory in my garlic mustard weed battle. #impatientgardener #garlicmustardweed #weeds #gardening #gardeningtips Herbs, Organic Gardening, Invasive Plants
Winning the battle against garlic mustard weed | The Impatient Gardener
Have you ever battled a terrible weed and wondered whether it was even worth the effort? I'm here to tell you it is. I'm declaring victory in my garlic mustard weed battle. #impatientgardener #garlicmustardweed #weeds #gardening #gardeningtips
an image of how to sharpen pruners
HOW TO SHARPEN PRUNERS | The Impatient Gardener
Here’s how to do routine maintenance on hand pruners and a basic gardening knife. Pruners in really bad shape may need additional work including starting with a diamond file to work out nicks. #impatientgardener #sharpenpruners #gardentips #gardeningtools
an open door with the words what to grow in a greenhouse in summer on it
What to Grow in a Greenhouse in Summer. Greenhouse Planting Guide. greenhouse fruits and vegetables
What to Grow in a Greenhouse in Summer - you can grow the majority of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs inside your greenhouse. in this article, you'll learn about summer greenhouse plants, growing vegetables in greenhouse, greenhouse fruits, and growing herbs greenhouse. Enjoy the greenhouse planting guide, greenhouse herbs fruits and vegetables. #SummerGreenhouse #GreenhouseIdeas #GreenhouseGardening #GreenhouseSummerhouse. what to grow in greenhouse vegetables | greenhouse fruits and veggies.