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I've had the same thoughts as Billie.

Billie on Journey's End -- THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL except Rose cannot still be in love with the Doctor, as in Eleventh Doctor. nopity nope nope nope Eleven is for Clara. I'd even take Eleven/River over Eleven/Rose.

Delectably irresistible!

2013 05 09 - 17010 NYC - ’ Star Trek Into Darkness ’ Screening at AMC Loews Lincoln Square by Taylor Hill x 2400 pixels]

Jeremy Renner's beautiful eyes...    "Do you feel sexy as a spy? Is that why your Mission Impossible and The Avengers characters were also spies?  Renner: No, I dont feel sexy as a spy. I dont think I ever feel sexy. (laughs)  Never ever?  Renner: I dont think so." Oh Mr. Renner you sooo very wrong!

Jeremy Renner- Gorgeous- Ok, this is another instance of his eyes being changed to blue. I love his gray eyes!