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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius 30 Pics

Trueshopping Convenient Folding Foldaway Two Seat Keruing Hardwood Wooden Bench Chair | Garden / Patio Furniture Mahogany Effect 1140mm x 630mm x 900mm

UB-5H Bender und das ganze kleiner für Feinwerkzeugtechnik ohne Hydraulikunterstützung

Woodworking Tools on Pinterest | Woodworking Tools, Router Bits ...

Connor's Quiver Tute by ~BlackRabbitArtisan on deviantART

Styrofoam is a great material and can be used for many things like prototyping, prop making and even RC airplanes. Cutting styrofoam can be very tricky though. The best tool for this is a hot wire foam cutter. I wanted to be able to recycle styrofoam for future projects, so I decided to make my own.A hot wire foam cutter is fairly easy to make and many people have done so already. I didn't want to just copy someone else's design, so I designed my own with the best features I could think of…

Homemade Mini Bend Brake

Sawhorses are an essential construction tool, and this article highlights 5 of the best—3 DIY designs, with complete plans, and two off-the-shelf favorites.