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an open notebook with several different types of papers on top of it, sitting on a desk
a pink pen sitting on top of an open book
instagram: annestudyblr
the four steps to master memoion for college students with text overlaying it
Four Steps to Master Memorization - College Study Smarts
three crayons with the words close reading highlight colors
How to teach students to annotate their reading
an open notepad with writing on it next to some markers and pens, along with other office supplies
Técnicas para estudiar y tener apuntes organizados
Técnicas para estudiar y tener apuntes organizados – Studio Girasol🌻
the desk is cluttered with notes, pens, and other office supplies on it
How To Stay Organized For Exams This Year - Society19
an open notebook with some writing on it
Como utilizar o método cornell para estudos? + Folha para Resumo