Different hairstyles and how tos. A Japanese beauty website, Kamimado created these wonderful colorful instructions for every hairstyle.

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You should read "Quicksilver [Unafraid RW]" on

Fun Pastel goth inspired skeleton beauty makeup fir Halloween or horror event party love the floral head piece crown and purple hair, divine

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Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from Game of Thrones . My guilty pleasure. Honestly I think I only like him cause he plays Jon snow. And I'm in love with Jon snow

mlikemarcel: “Sophie Turner, by Rachell Smith for Glamour ”

about my person; on the positive side: helping wherever i can, good listener, spontanious and master of contolled chaos on the negative side: tendency towards slight sloppyness, overlseeps.

Boxer braids conceal literally anything and leave you looking extra badass. Let's dive right into the top 30 boxer braid hairstyles you need to try now.

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this is the color blue i was going for (this was my reference pic) but with my lighter gray i've had before