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a happy holiday card with an image of a car in front of mountains and trees
Puddle Jumpin' Cards
Block printed Mt. Hood card
a blue and white christmas card with a pine tree in the snow on it's side
"Aurora Borealis"
"Aurora Borealis" Title: Aurora Borealis Edition Size: 24 Print Dimensions: 3.125" w x 5.375" h Paper Dimensions: 5" w x 7" h Ink: Graphic Chemical Water Soluble & interference inks Woodblock: Shina Paper: Kozoshi Artist: Erin K. Nolan Dated: 02.2012 NASA has confidently predicted that this year (2012) the Aurora Borealis, or 'Northern Lights', will be the brightest and most intense in 50 years. This print will be available soon at Plum Bottom Pottery, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin!
black and white ink drawing of three pine trees with snow on the tops - stock photo
Pine Illustrations | Our Top 182 Pine Stock Art
This one might be better as a stamp
an illustration of a house in the woods with trees and birds around it, surrounded by water
Clare Melinsky | Illustration
Clare Melinsky ~ Linocut Illustration
a black and white sticker on a wooden surface with an image of a dog's head
Just Be Kind
(deerjerk: Deer Head and Flowers. 2014)
a black and white sticker with a skull wearing a hat on top of it
Bryn Perrott
Sugar Skull. 2013
a black and white drawing of a skull in the center of a circular object on top of a cutting board
PrintsFinds - Etsy
Small planet and frogs study 🐸🌔🐸 bigger piece for @cumaproject up next #linocut #printmaking #print #art #illustration #линогравюра #ArtPrintsandPosters
two different types of art work are shown in this photo, one is made out of wood and the other has an image of a fish on it's body
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Xilogravura - Samuel Casal - good example of using lines to create shape
a blue and white linoleum block with an image of a bird in the woods
Linocut – Goyo Galeria
night heron
a woman is standing in the water with her arms spread out, looking at the moon
Linocuts portfolio
Iin my dreams. Linocuts portfolio
two different types of woodcuts on a wooden surface with mushrooms and plants in the background
VERY limited edition run of my "Forest Floor" print in gorgeous gold ink on hand torn ivory fabriano paper. I am listing just 5 of these on…
a sticker with an image of a gorilla on it
The Head The Heart The Hand: Bryn Perrott
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