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With many different styles and customizing options, you can buy exactly what you are looking for in your backyard shed!
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a small backyard with a white shed and green grass on the lawn at night time
10x16 Farmhouse Garden Shed
10x16 Farmhouse Garden Shed Shown with: vented transom windows Colors: Base - white Trim - white Roofing - black Windows - black
a truck driving down the road with a small house on it's back end
Farmhouse Garden Sheds
Farmhouse Garden Sheds - visit our website and view our brochure for more information!
a backyard with a pool, patio furniture and a shed in the backround
12x20 Farmhouse Garden Shed/Pool Shed
Farmhouse Garden Sheds work perfectly as a poolside shed to store pool equipment, toys, etc. It can also be used a changing and/or snack area!
a small shed in the middle of a grassy field
Custom Gardening Shed
7x10 Custom Gardening Shed with 5' Porch. This is the perfect small storage space for garden tools, extra pots, etc.
the farm house garden shed is on display
Farmhouse Garden Shed
10x20 Farmhouse Garden Shed in the beautiful Grizzle Gray color from Sherwin Williams! Paired with Dark Oak Stain and a Bronze Metal Roof, this garden shed is perfect!
a small garden shed in the middle of a yard with flowers and plants around it
Potting Shed
6x8 Potting Shed w/ No Porch shown with vented transom windows, red man door and clay roofing.
a small white shed sitting on top of a lush green field
Garden Potting Shed
6x10 Potting Shed with Porch COLORS: Base - white Trim - white Windows - black Roof - black Pergola - canyon brown stain OPTIONS: Vented Transom Windows
a small white shed with lights strung around it and decorations on the front porch area
Farmhouse Garden Shed
12x20 Farmhouse Garden Shed Options Shown: extended overhang & cupola Colors: solid white, galvalume roof
a small shed in the middle of a field with text that reads farmhouse garden shed trending color
Farmhouse Garden Shed
Our Farmhouse Garden Sheds are trending and so is this color combination! Solid black with stained accents.
the farm house garden shed is shown in front of a tree
Farmhouse Garden Shed
Farmhouse Garden Shed shown in graphite (base), white (trim), walnut stain (pergola & overhang braces), and galvalume metal (roof). This is a timeless and very eye catching color combination.
an image of a small white house in the middle of a field with information about it
10x12 Cottage Potting Shed
Our cottage potting sheds are perfect for a small backyard gardener who loves to start their own seeds and garden year round!
a small white shed with a black door and windows on the side of it, in front of some trees
Farmhouse Garden Shed
Shown in Photo: 12x20 Farmhouse Garden Shed with cupola, weathervane, vented transom windows. Base Color: white Trim Color: white Man Door Color: navy blue Roof Color: black metal
a small white shed sitting on top of a lush green field
8x12 Cottage Potting Shed (w/ Reverse Gable Entrance)
8x12 Potting Shed w/ Reverse Gable Entrance gives for a cottage feel and yet creates a very practical, easy solution for all gardeners! Shown in Photo: the model shown in the photo is built with insulated windows, poly carb roofing & walls. This creates a space that is easy to heat during the cooler months and start your own seeds for your garden. Call us today for more information. 330-893-3126.
a small white shed sitting on top of a lush green field
8x12 Potting Shed
Our 8x12 Potting Shed is made with high quality materials, lots of attention to detail, and delivered to your home! Shelves and windows lining all walls as well as a man door on the end. Glass gables and clear panel poly carbonate roofing. Upgraded options such as ventilation fans, plastic shelving, rubber floor covers, etc. are all available upon request. Follow the link to check it out!