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a kitchen with an island made out of wine barrels
Whiskey Themed Kitchen with Barrels and a Concrete Countertop - Concrete Decor
three purple roses with water droplets on them and the words stock image com above it
Blue and Purple Night Rose
😍 Over 100 Displates SOLD OUT 🤩💵 In the enchanting world of flora, check out the Blue and Purple Rose, a rare and magical bloom that exudes an air of mystery and allure.
some white and orange flowers on a black background
The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Women
two cups filled with liquid and hearts shaped in the shape of water on top of each other
Sequel to yesterday's comment
As I said yesterday the answer is an enthusiastic yes. I know my Special 💋Lady💋 has been through a lot so there is hesitancy and a lot of probing testing for a decision to change circumstances. My Special Lady may even be referring to the unusual situation - what evolves is truly a two person choice and my Special Lady will eventually evaluate what she wants and the steps that may have to be made to further her goal. All I can say is that I am willing.
a bathroom vanity made out of wooden pallets
DIY Pallets Ideas
a large wooden cabinet with sliding doors on the front and back sides in a room
Pin by Narothé Janke on Panchos | Diy kitchen renovation, Rustic kitchen cabinets, Rustic kitchen
a heart shaped arrangement with roses and thorns on a black background in the shape of a crown
a wolf standing on top of a rock under a full moon
an eagle sitting on top of a tree stump in front of some green trees and bushes
Southern Bald Eagle
Águia coruja socam