Watercolor and ink doodles

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a painting with blue, green and yellow circles on it
Beyond — Jocelyn Benford Art
Beyond — Jocelyn Benford Art
a painting with many different shapes and colors
a painting of pink flowers and leaves on a stained glass window with blue sky in the background
a drawing of flowers and leaves on a sheet of paper with colored watercolors
30 White Tattoo Designs That Look Like Magic Runes
an artistic painting with lots of different shapes and sizes on it's surface, including shells
the cover of an art book with blue and white designs on it, including leaves
an abstract painting with flowers and leaves on it's surface, in shades of purple
an artistic painting of flowers and plants in watercolor on white paper with blue ink
Work — Phaedra Jean Taylor
Work — Phaedra Jean Taylor
an art piece hanging on the wall in a room with white walls and brown leaves