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a red card with an image of a man holding a cat and another person standing next to it
St. Nicholas Center - St. Nicholas Center
an assortment of stickers with santa and other characters
a stuffed horse with a red ribbon around it's neck and the words nadapotan - stokpard van sinekkaas
Patroon Stokpaard van Sinterklaas
three pictures of the same stuffed animal with different colors and sizes, one is wearing a red white and blue outfit
Tutorial #34: Pietjes van vilt ★
three pictures of different shapes and sizes of scissors
Tutorial: Sinterklaas Vilt ★★
two stuffed animals hanging from chains on a blue wall
$38 Classic Krampus amigurumi crochet kid, silver chain. Click here to purchase!! #krampus #saintnicholasday #shopsmall #krampusornament #santassidekick #giftsforthenaughty #naughtychristmas
some felt pieces are laid out on the table to make a gnome hat and other crafting supplies
St. Nicholas Craft [Liturgical Ornament} - Catholic Inspired
an image of paper dolls with instructions to make them look like they are in the catholic church
label/St Valentine
Catholic Inspired: St Valentine
a felt santa claus ornament hanging on a wall
san nicolas - Santos de fieltro, felt - anavalles / san nicolas - Santos de fieltro, felt - anavalles
the paper doll is made to look like it has been cut out and placed on top of
Pietenkledij jongen
a hand drawn diagram shows how to use the keyboard for children's playrooms
Bruuckie | Heidy Bruckner | DIY
Bruuckie | Heidy Bruckner | DIY