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Right now, Nathan has an inventory of 1.5 million LEGO bricks to use on his sculptures, at his New York studio and says his largest artwork was made up of about half-a-million bricks. His LEGO works are now as valuable as they are beautiful, selling for more than $10,000 each.

This guy (Nathan Sawaya) has a great website (and gallery) or his Lego Sculptures - City build on a hand Lego Sculpture Lego Art Sculpture -

It's a giraffe!

It's super amazing to think that LEGOs stacked so high can hold that much weight. How tall is that Giraffe? It's four to five times taller than that person below it, so about twenty-four feet!

Lifesized Bilbo and Gandalf made of Legos! Google Image Result for

To kick-off Comic-Con International, we thought you would enjoy seeing these life-size LEGO Lord of the Rings models - Bilbo Baggins Gandalf - that made the trip all the way from Middle Earth! (LEGO FB page)

#bugattisupercar #McLarenSupercar

#bugattisupercar #McLarenSupercar