Nordic style Christmas

Vianoce v škandinávskom štýle u nás doma #prvevianocevnovom #nordic #christmas
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a living room with a christmas tree in the corner
Our Christmas tree in Nordic/Scandi style
candles are lit on a tray with greenery and balls in front of a television
a small christmas tree with white and silver ornaments
White Christmas tree
some plants are sitting on a shelf in front of a mirror and other decorative items
there is a plant in a pot next to a star shaped decoration on the table
Christmas is here
a white wooden horse next to a fish bowl
Nordoc style deco
there is a small figurine on the counter next to a potted plant
Santa, Mikuláš s prírodou
a wooden angel figurine sitting on top of a black and white table next to a barrel
Teplo v krbe
an angel figurine hanging on the wall next to a vase
Christmas angel
a white door with a christmas ornament hanging from it's side
a small white house with a red umbrella in the front yard
Handmade wooden tree