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three different pictures of people with one man looking at the camera
Let's play a little game called, "Who has the better Judging face?"
the korean actors are talking to each other
Relatable Jeonghan strikes again
two young men standing next to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption life of a unit leader reflected in one picture
Seventeen Woozi (vocal), S. Coups (hip hop), and Hoshi (performance)
two men with blonde hair are standing in front of a screen
The Shookventeen, a sub-unit of Seventeen
a person holding a yellow sign with the words'q if you were to keep an octopus, what name would you give it? '
hahaha what the funk yo, vernon xD
two people sitting at a table and one is kissing the other's foreheads
ahah that ship tho #seventeen