Explore the transformative power of footwear from around the world as the V&A presents over 200 pairs of the most extreme shoes, bringing together exceptional footwear from the latest innovations to a dazzling range of historic shoes, many displayed for the first time.
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These Dolce & Gabbana shoes are a testament to innovative design. They are playful, thought-provoking, and are one-of-a-kind.

Best Catwalk Shoes

Alice in wonderland: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013 Milan Fashion Week Show ✿ Metallic gold birdcage wedge heel

Isabell Buenz – Lily Shoes (2013), 25cm

by Isabell Buenz – Paper Textiles

Christian Louboutin Ballerina Heels

NSFT: Behold, Christian Louboutin's Insanely Amazing Ballerina Heels

Pointe shoe heels designed by Christian Louboutin - auctioned to raise money for the English National Ballet. Heels only a ballerina would be comfortable in! The funny part is. We actually walk like this for hours a week. By choice!

Found Object-Constructed Shoes - Winde Rienstra's Shoes Make Use of Unconventional Materials

Found Object-Constructed Shoes

These cardboard shoes. Rubber bands on your feet?

Rayne's Wedgwood Jasperware Shoes | 1959

Classy Look : Picture Description Rayne's Wedgwood Jasperware Shoes

1960's Rayne Shoe

Vintage Shoe by Rayne

Brick Lane, London

Brick Lane Market: Boots for sale - London, England

Satin shoes with straps, decorated with perforation on the vamp and the sides, Edward Rayne, 1930's.

Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Satin Shoes with Straps, Decorated with Perforation on the Vamp and the Sides.

Cloth and patent leather boot with pearl buttons, Thomas of St. James' Street, 1890-1900. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of boots

England - Pair of boots by Thomas of St. James' Street - Cloth and patent leather, with pearl buttons, machine and hand-sewn

Pastel kid leather shoes, ca. 1800, Great Britain. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of shoes

This style of heeled shoe, made of pastel coloured kid leather with painted or stencilled patterns, with an exaggerated pointed toe, was popular in the latter years of the century. Check it out, polka-dot slippers!

Rayne Wedgewood heels, 1958

Let the heavens open wide and pour shoes with Wedgwood heels! Yes, shoes with heels made of Wedgwood jasper, some even trimmed with Wedgwood cameos. Jasperware high heels were the idea of Sir Micha…

Silk, leather, and wood shoes, Great Britain, 1720s-1730s. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of shoes

Great Britain - Pair of shoes - Leather, covered with silk satin, and decorated with silver-gilt braid and embroidery

Leather gold painted leather shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue, ca. 1940. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of shoes

ca 1940 Saks Fifth Avenue gold painted leather high-heel shoes. Victoria and Albert Museum

Silk satin slippers with leather sole and heel, France or Italy, 1770s-1780s. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of shoes

ca Silk satin slippers with leather sole and heel, France or Italy, . l Victoria and Albert Museum

Tanned leather shoes, Egypt, ca. AD 300-500. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Pair of shoes

A pair of flat, dark leather shoes, Egyptian, ca. Decorated in gold leaf.

Josephine Baker embroidered velvet shoes by Emma Hope and Karen Spurgin, Great Britain, 1988. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker Object: Pair of shoes Place of origin: Britain, United Kingdom (made) Date: 1988 (made)