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Mini Foldable Book
Fold one piece of paper into a book! Easy foldables template. Fun for kids to make. #itsalwaysautumn #foldables #kidscrafts
Printable Silly Animals Envelopes for Kids
Get these printable silly animals envelopes and get them excited about writing their next letter. There are 15 different envelopes for your kids to choose from and they can even go beyond and decorate most of them as they come with paws, antlers, ears and more!
3D Paper Caterpillar Craft with Template
This adorable 3D paper caterpillar craft is a cute and wiggly paper craft for kids.
Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet
Our hand bug puppets series continues with this lovely butterfly paper hand puppet.
Polar Bear Winter Craft
A fun and engaging printable Winter craft for kids! With his wobbly head band bouncy body, children will love creating this playful polar bear #kids #kidscrafts #printables #templates #teacher