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a painting of two black whales swimming in the ocean with circles around them and bubbles coming out of their mouths
I thought it was fitting to share a snippet of this painting I’ve been working on- as it’s World Oceans Day. . The health of our oceans is a big topic right now- and rightfully so! I created this painting as a reminder of why we need to care for our oceans- it is home to so many great creatures and their fate is up to us . #worldoceansday #orca
a painting of a cat made out of beads on white paper with green and orange background
This item is unavailable - Etsy
DOT ART / Cat Painting / Abstract Art Print of by NatureParadise
a black box with a painting of a peacock's feathers in the center on it
Peacock Mandala Painting 12 X12 Inch Stretched Canvas Dot | Etsy
New Peacock Mandala on 12"x12" Stretched Canvas....Only one available!
an image of a colorful artwork made out of circles and dots on a table top
Love doing this color, it need patient and love to create beautiful things ;) my peacock on canvas
a woman is holding up a painting that looks like a flower on blue and white
How To Paint Dot Mandalas Spring Daisy Full Step By Step Tutorial - YouTube
a cat is sitting on top of a black canvas with colorful dots all over it
Puntillismo, dot art, point to point