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the skirt pattern is shown in three different sizes and colors, including two pleated skirts
Blog - Puffed Sleeves
Circle Skirt Construction
an image of two lampshades made out of paper on the webpage,
Blog - Puffed Sleeves
Gonne quadrati
the paper skirt is cut out and ready to be sewn
Blog - Puffed Sleeves
Circle Skirts with High-Low Hem
a map showing the location of several different areas in the area that is located on this map
Falda Campana y Media Campana con Cola
EL BAÚL DE LAS COSTURERAS: Falda Campana y Media Campana con Cola
an old fashion book with instructions on how to wear skirts
Patterns - sewing beginners - pattern making! So many skirts model drawings - maomao - I move your feet
a drawing of a woman's pants with ruffles on the bottom and side
Adjust waist opening to vary skirt length - much easier than trying to hem the skirt shorter in front.