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three small pastries with white frosting and raspberries on top are shown
Pistachio and Raspberry Cream Puffs | Lil' Cookie
Pistachio and Raspberry Cream Puffs
small cupcakes with white frosting and green toppings on a yellow and white plate
Choux Pistache- Chef Marie Meunier/ Michalak Masterclass
there are many different desserts on the plate and one is made to look like an ice cream cone
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CHEFS-TALK's photo.
some cookies with chocolate on top are lined up
Choux Chocolat Passion - Escale Gourmande
Permettant de réaliser une douzaine de choux Finitions vues lors d’un stage à l’école Bellouet Conseil Pâte à Choux 160gr d’eau 160gr de lait 160gr de beurre doux 6gr de sucre 4gr de sel 8gr d’extrait de vanille liquide 160gr de T55 280gr d’oeufs Porter le lait, l’eau, le beurre, le sucre et le sel à ébullition. Y verser la farine en une fois et remuer vivement avec une spatule hors du feu jusqu’à ce que la pâte se détache de la paroi. Transférer la panade dans le batteur muni de sa feuille e...
three chocolate desserts sitting on top of each other in front of a black background
Saint Honoré de chocolate
three green cupcakes with white frosting and flower decorations on top, sitting side by side
#Repost @masterclass_by_garuharu with @repostapp ・・・ - Masterclass by garuharu - Pâte à choux 슈 반죽으로 만드는 디저트 클래스! Coming soon! -…
three desserts with chocolate on top are sitting on a table
Choux chocolat fève de Tonka de marie Meunier
several cookies with hearts and marshmallows on them are arranged in the shape of a triangle
Quentin Bailly
there is a cupcake that has been decorated with icing and flowers on top
Salted caramel choux pastry from our Choux Pastry hands-on class at Savour with…
three pastries in the shape of angels with wings on black reflective surface, side by side
three pastries with chocolate frosting and cherries on top are sitting on black plates
На ночь шу с шоколадным ганашем и черешневым мармеладом .. by tatianadoronina_pastry
three desserts are arranged on top of each other in the shape of pyramids
337 mentions J’aime, 21 commentaires - Анюта (@turlakoshka) sur Instagram : "Шу с карамелью и шариком мусса. Десерт был снят на белом и чёрном фонах.Категорически не нравятся…"