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XXL building blocks bring huge fun, playfully encourage creativity and motivate to move!
Building blocks have been an integral part of children's play for generations and offer endless opportunities for creativity, imagination and problem solving. They promote important skills such as gross and fine motor skills, spatial imagination and motivate movement.
a blue banner with buttons and magnets attached to it that says how's the weather today?
Felt & Fabric Toys Archives
a little boy standing in front of a wall with hexagons on it
Thinking Kids Activities
A game made of leftover material for the development of spatial thinking and analytical abilities. credits: samodelki_podelki
some paper birds sitting on top of a table next to scissors and other crafting supplies
rocks with faces painted on them are next to a paintbrush and some other items
5 idées d'activités autour de la nature pour occuper les enfants - Happy Chantilly - Aquarelle, maman & slow lifestyle