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Venus Jahanpour
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would be neat to have a bunch of these somewhere to play with

Campers create a tower of tree cookies in the Natural Play Area's messy materials zone. This zone encourages kids to interact with nature on a "messy level" through stacking tree cookies, playing in the sand, and more.

How to make and paint with nature paint brushes. A simple outdoor spring/ summer activity for toddlers, preschoolers, eyfs and older kids. Fun process art. Stick craft.

Stick Craft: Nature Paintbrushes Stick Craft: Nature Paint Brushes :: nature craft :: outdoor art project Really want great ideas on arts and crafts?

I just remembered that my school is an arboretum so lol maybe I could do a lesson about trees

How Old is that tree? Try this simple activity with your child to guesstimate the age of a tree in your yard and nurture her developing math skills while you're at it!