EKKO by Thilo Frank

"EKKO" by German artist,Thilo Frank. This permanent public installation in northern Denmark incorporates remixed audio playback of the sound of visitors' footsteps and voices as they walk through the installation.

Lawrence Lek at Designers in Residence

In a movie filmed by Alice Masters for the Design Museum’s annual Designers in Residence exhibition, Lawrence Lek explains how he created a modular system of plywood pieces that can be bent into objects including a stool and a pavilion.

Tee house from Kengo Kuma & Associates

Tee Haus

Japanese Teahouse - cha-shitsu, a temporary installation by architect Kengo Kuma for the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

Geometric Shelter Inspired by a Cactus, designed by the Mexican architect Iván Juárez X-Studio

Geometric Shelter Inspired by a Cactus

based on the geometry of flowering cacti, the peaceful 'cactaceae' enclosure by mexican architect iván juárez of x-studio responds to its natural scenery.