Viera Jurkovič

Viera Jurkovič

Nikdy nehovor že niečo nejde. Lebo sa nájde blbec, ktorý nevie že to nejde a UROBÍ TO!
Viera Jurkovič
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We hid the dog kennels under the stairwell! Happy Dogs... Happy me!

I love this idea, I would add on a gate shaped to the door frame and just use that area as a giant crate! So cool, like a doggy den

Фото, автор Вера Орлова на Яндекс.Фотках

Would be fun kid hideout space! Awesome dog kennel under the stairs design idea. If you want an indoor dog house, utilizing the space under the stairs for a cozy, attractive and practical space for dogs is a good idea! I love this design.

Pitbull Dalmatian mix. Omg.

Pitbull Dalmatian mix This is possibly most the cutest thing I have ever seen. Reminds me of wen I was lil ,we had a pit/Dalmatian mix,she was beautiful!