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three embroidered hoops with flowers on them, one depicting the human heart and another showing the brain
Bordados Em Bastidor – Ideias + Dicas
a close up of a cross stitch on a hoop
spool strip tease
the words are written in small letters on a piece of cloth that has been stitched together
ASL "I love you" cross-stitch! :) Just finished!
a handmade bar code is shown on a small piece of fabric
grille gratuite point de croix - les p'tits plaisirs de Mamounette
a cross stitch picture frame with the words i never finish anything in black and white
a cross stitch pattern with the words w tf where's the food?
a cross stitch picture with the words everything will be ok in black and white on it
a cross - stitch book with scissors on top of it and the words i need a hug glass of wine
Spruce Craft Co Beginner Cross Stitch Guide
a cross stitch pattern that says, my favorite drink is the next one
Sites-JoAnn-Site | JOANN
there is a sewing case with scissors and other crafting supplies on the table next to it
Ласкаво прошу до ательє