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Like I promised, another Firey. I will be doing more of the characters/creatuers from the movie, but right now I want to get really good at these guys b. Another Firey Doodle

Waiting for Wonders by on @DeviantArt

Fan art for movie "The Labirinth" Also art here [link] Waiting for Wonders

A gift by *saniika on deviantART

I got lucky thanks to my friend and finally could watch after so many years the movie Labyrinth. Here is Sarah (same outfit but older) and Jareth in the.

The mask by Little-Lanthe

Labyrinth - David Bowie: As the World falls down 27 - The movie „Labyrinth“ stars David Bowie as the villain Jareth, King of the Gobl. Labyrinth - Bowie/As the world falls.