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Veronika Heglasová

Veronika Heglasová
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Be their Voice

Baby boy animals r killed or left & then their moms grieving their loss only killed when their production stops makes my blood boil!

So true. I HATE it when people say that to me. My dog has been there for me & far more kind to me than most "humans". Some people are just so heartless.

Stop Animal Cruelty Now! Although I totally agree with the "Stop Animal Cruelty Now" part of this, I don't think that the comparison to "just a human" is fair because there are so many good people who do good things.

Friends don't leave friends to die in hot cars. Here's how to help if you see a dog in a hot car this summer:  REPIN to spread the word!

Leaving your dog in your hot car is considered Animal abuse. Think twice before leaving the house with your dog on a hot day.

chinese proverb.

Chinese Proverb~ If you survived. Weather some storms & then you're not bothered so much by the day-to-day ordinary battles