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Trout fishing on a mountain lake today with my peeps , seen a lot of nice trout rise and flop around , I can't even tell you where we were hahaha

Bern Sundell is THE streamer king! His paintings are based on a lifetime of up close experiences w these beautiful slipperies. Find him Ennis, MT.

October Brown Trout Fish Paintings by Bern Sundell. We have the absolute best brown trout paintings on our site.

Brown Trout. Illustrated and © by Joseph R. Tomelleri.

Illustrator: Joseph R. Tomelleri Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc. Size: 24 × Illustrated by Joseph R.


Some Fascinating Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Today’s teens are extremely smart and know what they want. They are design and brand conscious. Teens want to be considered an adult, but they still lack the emotional maturity of an adult. But, teenage years ar