Veronika Puškárová

Veronika Puškárová

Viac nápadov od Veronika

Davide Ghirlandaio (Bigordi), Works of the Buonomini - Dowering Young Girls (detail), 1478-79, San Martino dei Buonomini, Florence.

This shows correct placement of eyelets for spiral lacing.

Flasks and trolley. June (folio 3v) from the Hours of Henry VIII, by Jean Poyet, c. 1500. Tailed coif from the back.

Gerard David, Netherlandish (active Bruges), first documented 1484, died 1523 -- Lamentation

Hugo Van der goes, Calvary Triptych 1465-1468

My full complect for Southern Germany,late ХV century

Couture Aranel: 15th Century Hat

Domenico Ghirlandaio: Birth of St John the Baptist (detail), 1486-90 Florence: Santa Maria Novella, Cappella Maggiore

Matilda la Zouche's Wardrobe - The Moy Gown