Veronika Závadová

Veronika Závadová

Veronika Závadová
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Gente taí para quem gosta das princesas e algumas personagens da Disney

Disney Princess Starbucks Logos - how cool would it be if they used these logos on the cups at the Magic Kingdom Starbucks?

13 Disney Villians Sugar Skull Print 11x17 print by MYantz on Etsy. This is really neat!

The Sugar Skull Villains Poster Kickstarter Project is live! 13 Disney villain sugar skulls in one poster. These would make for a cool tat

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug. This is certainly a new twist on the usual crocheted t-shirt rug, and worth a try!

League of (Disney)Ladies by Dreemers

Disney girls portrayed as “League of Legends” characters. I don't play that game but I really like this fanart/mash-up a lot!<<I'm not familiar with the game, but I love the crossover!

4 Disney Princess Jedi by Phill Berry

4 Disney Princess Jedi by Phill Berry star wars sw fan art crossover

Disney characters in a whole new twisted world

Disney characters- twisted world

Disney Princess Sugar Skulls by: Ellador

This is so cool sugar scull princess ! i love Pocahontas

Disney posters by Tom Whalen - Lion King, Aladdin, NBC, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, Lil Mermaid, Finding Nemo, is there a Beauty & the Beast or Pocahontas one?!??

Disney posters by Tom Whalen disney

Disney Hair series by nosredna on Deviantart

Disney Hair series by nosredna on Deviantart snow

What would had happened if the Disney villains had won. Its weird to see pictures of Belle and Gaston's boys if beast had been slayed. C-C-C-Creepy.

If Disney Villains Had Won.I think Ursula upsets me the most.or Gaston. <<< Gaston since that was my favourite Disney film as a kid