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two photos of the same person in front of a mirror with caption that reads, mom clean your room, people coming over for a barbec
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the text reads,'me catches myself being juggmnal come to me i did not raise u this way '
The immediate secondary thoughts of: "The fuck?! You know you don't really think that. Why the hell would that even cross your mind?? You're better than that judgy shit. Dont even go there." And the remorseful shame that follows even for a split second thinking a bad or judgemental thought about someone else (especially for no real reason), and imagining how I would feel if someone had that kind of thought about me, or what it might feel like to be in their shoes. INFP internal process...
a tweet with the caption that says,'computer save this image as 66
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an image of three people with bananas on their heads and one is talking to the other
33 Fresh Pics And Memes For The Exquisite Minds
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a group of people sitting around a table with laptops and a large stuffed animal
Picture memes V77uscRz6 — iFunny
an image of a cartoon character with fire coming out of his mouth and the caption reads, when too many people you know from different places come together & you
a man walking across a tree branch with the caption, me don't let her know how awkward you are
Picture memes UaE5BEk07 — iFunny
me: *don't let her know how awkward you are“ her: nice weather me: thanks – popular memes on the site #embarassing #internet #let #know #how #awkward #nice #weather #thanks #pic
two people sitting in chairs with one holding a wine glass while the other is drinking
* me standing with an awkward smile, hoping to just burst into flames* - Funny
a man standing in front of a clock tower with the caption, every girl omg traveling is my passion me