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an open notebook with drawings of pandas and cars on the pages next to each other
PAPA panda - Rubberstamp by dunkleLamm on DeviantArt
a rubber stamp with an image of two pandas and the word boo on it
And the winner is...
an intricately carved card with a raven on it
"Nevermore" Block Print
a person holding some type of stamp with an animal on it's back and another one in the background
Llama hand carved rubber stamp
three bags with designs on them sitting next to each other
A girl and her kitty Pouches
Kantong Souvenir, Reusable Produce Bags, Produce Bags, Diy Crafts To Do, Diy Couture, Fabric Bags, Market Bag, Sewing Bag
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an orange and black sticker depicting a bear with feathers on its head, sitting on a wooden surface
a person holding up a metal brooch with a deer on it's back
Linocut @gaas_mi