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How to overcome stress? As human beings we're not immune to stress. We've all dealt with different levels of stress in one way or the other. Stress can come Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Mental Health, Get Healthy, Healthy Tips, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Stress Management

What Is Cortisol & What Causes High Levels Of This Stress Hormone

Here's what you need to de-stress STAT.

Say it with me, it’s okay to be an introvert. Being an introvert doesn’t make you bad. Being an introvert is normal. People are born wired to be either an introvert or an extrovert. Did you know that the blood flows differently in the introvert’s brain Mbti, Extroverted Introvert, Infj, Introvert Personality, Anatomy And Physiology, Brain Anatomy, Brain Health, Stress Management, Leadership

Knowing how our brain function includes, Learning how to know our self and to know who is important to us. This is so fundamental that it originates the differences of our emotions and our personality. Our attitudes and how we manage our relationships are already part whiting our limbic and neural systems. Me gradúe En inglés. Casi no término

Psychology infographic & Advice Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Infographic. Image Description Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Science Of Happiness, Finding Happiness, True Happiness, Happiness Quotes, Blogging, Mental Training, Social Work, Self Improvement, Self Help

The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple cider vinegar contains an array of natural ingredients that can have an amazingly positive impact on our health.

This pin relates to coping and managing stress. A professor of psychology(not listed) gave his/her students a list of ways to manage and cope with stress Coping With Stress, Dealing With Stress, How To Not Stress, Coping Mechanisms For Stress, Ways To Reduce Stress, Coping Skills, Stress Management, Change Management, Project Management Is for Sale

It’s back to school and college for most people, which means that they’re going to have a fair few exams to look forward to, and you can pretty much smell the stress in the air. But

This pin is useful because it gives information on how stress effects the body. Stress isn't good for the body physically and can lead to depression as well. Stress & Your Body Dealing With Stress, Stress Less, Reduce Stress, Stress Free, Work Stress, How To Not Stress, What Is Stress, Physical Stress, Emotional Stress

The Effects of Stress on Your Body

Stress not only affects your thoughts, moods and behavior, it can wreak physical and mental havoc in your body. Find out how.

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As hard as it may be to believe, we’re about to start a brand new year. 2016 is basically here! After the stress of final exams, the excitement of the holidays, and the sweet relief of winter vacation, it’s time to look ahead to turning the page to a new year. Once you end 2015 … Read More

For you to discover exactly what yoga are you need to understand initially exactly what the genuine significance of yoga is. So what is Yoga? Yoga is present for more that years and stemmed from the land of India. The word yoga originates from the. Yoga Fitness, Health Fitness, Health Yoga, Workout Fitness, Fitness Hacks, Women's Fitness, Fitness Watch, Fitness Weightloss, Wellness Fitness

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With months of preparation on the line, pageant week has the potential to send your stress levels through the roof. It’s so important to know how to cope with your stress to avoid excess tension in your body and to keep your focus on stage. Yoga has been used for centuries to promote a sense of calm and to relieve stress. Not only is it good for your mind, but it’s great for your body. Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol. According to, this hormone…

Signs of Stress Infographic. Stress less. Stop stress. Stress and anxiety Dealing With Stress, Stress Less, Reduce Stress, Stress Free, How To Manage Stress, How To Relieve Stress, Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, Anxiety Cure

Signs of Stress and Where it Hurts

This pin depicts the common physical signs of stress, as well as consequences of stress, including anxiety and depression. Relevant statistics regarding teens and adults are also provided. I chose this pin because it provides a lot of info through a picture, and it outlines the results of daily stressors.

How to overcome stress? As human beings we're not immune to stress. We've all dealt with different levels of stress in one way or the other. Stress can come Anxiety Relief, Stress And Anxiety, Anxiety Help, Anxiety Facts, Signs Of Anxiety, Anxiety Tips, Keep Calm And Relax, Stress Tests, Stress Symptoms

What to Eat to Banish Stress

Take this test to see what's really stressing you out, and find out how to fix it:

10 Things to Tell Your Daughter Best Parenting Tips. I think this applies to every kid daughter or som Parenting Advice, Gentle Parenting, Kids And Parenting, Practical Parenting, Parenting Classes, Foster Parenting, Parenting Styles, Mom Advice, Raising Girls

10 Things I Want My Ten-Year-Old Daughter To Know

I feel ever more aware of her girlhood and looming adolescence, and of all the things I want her to know...